Valley Stables

golden pusherThe Tennessee Walking Horse and the Spotted Saddle Horse are two very closely related breeds of horses. The most renowned quality about these two breeds is their four beat gait. This makes riding both of these breeds for even long periods of time extremely comfortable, not to mention the elegance in appearance of their long evenly timed strides. The fact they have a four beat gait, which means one hoof hits the ground at a time, simply means there is no time in which both horse and rider are airborne awaiting an impact with the ground. This is the case with a trot, a two beat gait. This gait makes them the perfect horse for the beginning rider or simply for someone who enjoys trail riding for long periods of time. To ride these breeds, one needs only to sit on the horse. No “posting” or riding expertise is necessary to enjoy either one of these breeds. Not to say there is no challenge for an experienced rider. The versatility of both of these breeds is quite extensive, from barrel racing and pole bending to endurance riding and jumping. A simple quiet ride down a wooded trail is my personal favorite.


Dancer__under_saddle_medNot only do these horses have a four beat gait, but the Tennessee Walking Horse especially is also known for a long over stride which also lends an element of form which ultimately leads to an even smoother ride. What this means is the rear hoof actually is placed down on the ground in front of where the front hoof of the same side was placed just prior to the rear hoof hitting the ground. This over stride can reach as much as three feet or more. This is a natural trait of the breed and can be exaggerated with training and weighted shoes for show horses.

The temperament of both of these breeds is quite calm as a general statement. They are considered cool bloods as opposed to the warm or hot bloods such as the Thoroughbred. As a breed, their even temperament and noticeable intelligence make them easily trainable and a real joy to work with and ride.

Playboys_Generator1aAt Valley Stables, we stand a black and white Tobiano spotted stallion named “Pusher’s Dancer” who stands approx. 15 hands tall as well as a chestnut sorrel stallion named “Playboy’s Generator” who stands approximately 16 hands tall. Both are registered with the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association and “Dancer’s Golden Pusher” is also registered with the National Spotted Saddle Horse Association, the Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders, and Exhibitors Association as well as the Raking Horse Breeders Association of America. “Dancer” is a grandson of the World’s Grand Champion Walking Horse “The Pusher C.G.” and has shown well in the ring winning a Reserve Championship at the Kentucky Walking Horse Celebration as a two year old. “Playboy’s Generator”, a grandson of the World’s Grand Champion Walking Horse “Pride’s Generator”, won the Kentucky Walking Horse Association High Point Award for the Country Pleasure division in 1995 as a two year old.