I just have to tell you that I bought a f1 Savannah from A1 and we spent $17k for this cat and it was the meanest animal I had ever come in contact with. We had to give it away at our lost. And  everyone told me servals are more difficult to have as pets that why you should get a Savannah.
All three of my babies I bought from you are the sweetest and most lovable exotics and it’s because of you and how you raise them from birth. John, you’re very lucky to have such a sweet loving wife and it shows in all her babies she send off to new homes what type of loving person she is. She must shower them with love because the three I have are all purr boxes that lick me like I’m a can of tuna.. Lol
Mary July

Did you know???

“We at Valley Exotics are FEDERALLY LICENSED EXPORTERS OF THE AFRICAN SERVAL CAT ( leptailurus serval )”


“We have shipped our Serval Cats to: * Chile’ * Japan * The Russian Federation * Beijing China * Italy * Canada * Great Britain: Scotland & England * New Guinea * Hong Kong * & of course we sell here within the U.S. ***


Active Member


”We have been forced to place Watermark protection on all of our photographs as they have been stolen repeatedly and used by internet scammers.”


Hay John,
Did you put spots and big ears on a domestic kitten. Those are the only thing that makes our little guy  a serval. He is the sweetest little thing ever. What a great personality!  You sure picked the right one for us. He gets along well already with the other 3 cats. They like his soft personality and feel comfortable with him.  He is completely litter trained healthy and most of all easy to work with. He now actually will  sit at the door of his house when we come and stick his head in the harness to put it on in order to come out to play. We named him Amani. When  Bodie passed I  NEVER  thought I,D  have  as good of a relationship with another  cat like him. As you know servals are my passion and thanks to you and Teresa looks like you made my dream come true again . He,s puuuuuurfect!
Thanks again, Judy & Spence

Hi John,
Nubis aka Anubis is the most fascinating Pet we have ever owned. He’s very
loving to everyone and Junior the Yorkie his best buddy. This is a new
adventure for us and all the help from everyone is appreciated by us all. We
want this to be the best possible living environment for
Nubis and he’s been awesome.
Thanks John for giving us a gift that
We will cherish forever.

Both of the babies after playing hard gotta love spotted fur babies

Big boy Kyan being so beautiful….I’m so glad I got him from you couldn’t love him anymore
July 2014

Kyan and Kiara sure love their shrimp!
June 2014

We just received this lovely gift from one of our happy serval owners in Japan.
June 2014

Our precious boy turned two!
A little update: Vega now has a 1200 square foot, ten foot tall enclosure. He spends a few hours outside every day but still sleeps in our bed with us. He gets along perfectly well with our three house cats and large dog. He now eats frozen thawed whole prey instead of zupreem, but we keep a few cans just in case. We kept his claws and did not neuter him. He has never caused us any issues because of his remaining in tact. He does not spray and his very affectionate. We believe he is the perfect cat. He was recently featured in the FCF magazine and has been doing great as an ambassador cat for our exotic animal education center. 🙂
Thank you again for breeding the love of our lives!
~Aaron and Maxene
Here is a video of Vega’s birthday party.
Sunshine Exotics: Vega, the serval cat, turns two!
May 2014

Kyan and Kiara sure love their shrimp!
June 2014

We recently sent some of our kittens to Japan. These are the messages we received after arrival.

Hello. John.
It returned to the house with the kitten last night.
It is very very lovely. It is very very beautiful. Boy is very very darling.
Thank you for the wonderful kitten.I appreciate.
Moreover, I would like to purchase next year.
Thank you, John.
April 2014
He arrived here safely yesterday.Many Thanks for the Sweet Serval kitten.It is really much appreciated.
May 2014

Hi John,
Zuko arrived here safe and sound!  WE have given him a bath and he has settled in just fine. Thanks for raising such a nice playful serval kitten. Elizabeth
Our new little girl is great and happy at home with us, thank you!
Thank you! Ed
April 2014

New Video…

Bye, bye, kitten kitties…..Early morning flight….2014

Thank you for all the support and time you spent with me…I know I ask so many question but I just wanted to make sure I was doing this for all the right reasons. You are right! I am so amazed with Mkuze… You raised him so well….He loves people…..even the vet! It has been 10 days and He is doing great and I can’t thank you enough for walking me thru how top be a great provider for him! Plus… I feel this is important to say ” The support you provided me before I committed to this responsibility was good, but once I got my baby home….You have been there for all my questions! This warms my heart knowing you are only a call away”
March 2014

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! KiKi Tu is doing great. Can you find the serval in this picture? Ruth

Dakarai means “One who brings Joy and Happiness”. I think that John should be named Dakarai because by breeding these wonderful cats he has brought our family a lot of joy and happiness. Dakarai is a happy, healthy, well socialized kitten. he is that and so much more. Dakarai has such a great personality, he keeps us laughing and on our toes because he has become a cat burglar and a terrorist. everyday he surprises us with something new. i can’t say enough about the great job that John does, please email me with any questions about what its like to have a serval own you or about the exceptional talent of John Babb. kajsa626@gmail.com
Thanks John for everything you do to allow us the honor of sharing our lives with these amazing cats
Julia Harvey December 2013

Dear friends,
Thank-you, she is the most Beautiful baby kitten we have EVER seen.Thank you for picking out the sweetest and most gorgeous kitty alive. We are so thankful, and are totally In LOVE with her. She is in her safe room cuddled up in her little bed with her baby blanket my two girls gave her. She will absolutely live like a queen with us.
So looking forward to buying a male from you guys in the spring. Sincerely Thank you both for such a Awesome addition to our family,
Sandie Straycat and the gang
December 21, 2013

Hi John,
It,s Judy LaFlure wishing you folks Happy Holidays. Hope all is well. It’s nice to see that your feline family is expanding to supply the world with those great cats so that maybe when I’m ready for another you will still be breeding them.
Wanted to share something cool that happened the other day. I’ve heard many people say that servals are not lap cats. I’m here to debate that. A few days ago I took the day off to relax and write Christmas cards. I sat on the couch with everything spread out and Bodie who is all of 2yrs old and 35lbs decided he wanted to help. He came up and sat right in my lap. I moved things around so he could stay there. He stayed there for 6 straight hours while I wrote out the cards and we watched tv. My legs kept getting numb but I was so happy that I now finally have a lap cat. I can’t believe it has been 2 years already since we picked him up from you. Thanks again for such a wonderful job of rearing him to be a great house cat!
Take care

December 2013

An endorsement of my Serval cats from Bob “THE BEAST” Sapp,  professional fighter and actor starring in such films as the new remake of “THE LONGEST YARD” and “ELEKTRA”!!!

Dear Sir,

I bought my Serval cat, Trinity, from John K. Babb and I can tell you that I am more than happy with her! Japan has also taken to “Trinity”, my Serval that I got from John. She is of a great temperament and gets along great with everyone around me! I am sure that when you purchase a Serval from John, you are getting a friend, not just a pet!



Our Servals Hit the International Fashion Magazine

Dustin’s Gal Kika!

Here are some videos of Vega, being Vega!

Dear Mr John.
It arrived safely. Thank you for seeing off a very cute kitten. It was already become attached to me. If I call, it will run and will cling to me. I am truly thankful to you. Best Regards Tohru Aizawa 585-6-206 Nareuma-machi Ryunasaki–shi lbaraki–ken Japen 301-0004
Tel: 81-297-84-1702 Mail:bamba,2003@yahoo.co.jp

Dear John&Teresa,
The kitten arrived safely. He is very cheerful and very fine now. He is very accustomed to people. He is friends with a goat. I’m very happy.
Thank you,
Tsuyoshi Taniguchi July 2012

Hi John,
I just wanted to thank you for making this the BEST Christmas ever! Also thank you for making my dreams come true!
When I was 8 yrs old my parents took me to a zoo. There I saw in a cage all by its self, a gorgeous cat with spots and huge ears. I was mesmerized, and every chance I got I went back to see that cat, until the zoo closed. From then on I wished I could own my own serval cat. Of course I dismissed the idea of ever owning one because I was told they were a wild animal. I’ve always been a cat person having 7 house cats at one time up til a few years ago. Now we are down to 4.
I then decided I wanted to get number 5 but this one had to be special. For years I have gotten all the cat magazines and have followed all the new breeds.Then a few years ago I saw an ad in a magazine that was selling servals, I thought Boy this is may chance, then my husband Spence and everyone else said I was nuts that they are wild animals and too hard to keep. So I decided they are probably right and that it was beyond reality. Then I saw a new breed called a Savannah. So I thought that this would be the closest thing to a real serval I would ever have. So I finally got one. He however was much more interactive as cats go and a whole lot of fun, but he still wasn’t the real thing. Then after only a year and a half I lost him due to kidney failure. I immediately started looking for another one and some how I found “Valley Stables” web site. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the great pictures of all the people who owned your beautiful serval cats and how well they fit into their homes. They weren’t dangerous, destructive, or wild.

They were gorgeous, fun and got along with everyone, even the kids and other pets. When I found out I had to have one yesterday! So I was put on a waiting list and it lasted 6 months, I think it was the longest 6 months of my life. I couldn’t wait to pick him up.
Anyway when we picked him up, after leaving your house we had 2 days to drive home with him. We had a ball! He was a pleasure to ride with. He slept most of the way on my lap. But when we arrived to the hotel room he bounced off the walls. We laughed silly!
We named him Bodie. He is so much more like a dog in a cat outfit. He wants to be with us all the time, he evens comes when you call him. He is also very curious and gets into everything, but he’s a riot to watch and he’s extremely smart. But most of all he is BEAUTIFUL!!
You and Teresa did an excellent job of starting him off to be a great pet.
You were so helpful in your coaching. You’ve been a live instruction book and we can’t thank you enough.
Thanks again for making my dreams come true.

Hi John & Teresa,
I just wanted to give you an update on our Bodie. All we can say is WOW!! Thanks so much again for making my dream come true. He so cute a well behaved to boot. We were sitting down and thinking about expenses of having a serval.
*Serval – For one of your cats, Who Cares!
*Toys – $300.00
*Vet (shots) – $124.00
**Enjoyment of owning one PRICELESS!
No kidding, we have had so much fun with this little guy. The things that he does is a riot. When I vacuum he chases it and bats at it. He even plays with the dog toy, and gets along with the other 4 cats. You did say he would get BIG!. When he went to the vets for shots, we put him on the scale and he sat up just as proud. He weighs 6 1/2 pounds and is only 13 weeks old. The vet and the techs oooed and awwed at him. They said he was the most well behaved and friendly serval they’d ever seen, and they deal with exotics all the time. He’s not afraid of anything or anyone.
You did a wonderful job socializing him and our job of raising him is easy and most of all fun.
Thanks again folks! Youve given us a great cat.
Please feel free to give other people our email address if they are thinking of owning one of these great cats.
Judy & Spencer
PS when you see the pictures get a load of his favorite toy!

Hey John,
Here’s an update on Bodie.  He has a best bud B.C our black cat.  He is always the perfect gentleman, he’s very gentle. He’s soooooo cute!
I still can’t get over how well you socialized him. So far the only wild thing about him is that he plays a lot harder and longer. He also thinks that any water is his own personal pool! He dives in the water bowls til they’re empty. Then he runs and skids across the floor to play with something else. He also likes to drink out of my water glass.
I have a large box full of paper, that box is the best toy ever! As you can see by the pictures he loves stuffed animals. There is never a dull moment in our house. He always makes us laugh. I have told a lot of people about you and how well you have raised these cats. I hope you get some calls. I have also had people call me to ask me questions and just to compare notes. I love braging about my Brodie. I’m saving my pennies so I can get another in a year or so.
Keep up the good work on raising these fine animals.
John I want to thank you for all the help you’ve given me since I have brought Brodie home. Raising this little guy is new to me and having you at the other end of the phone whenever I have questions has been a life saver. I don’t know of anyone that ever bought a pet from a breeder that could call a few months after for help. That shows you really care about your animals. That means the world to me.

Hi John,
Judy LaFlure here. How’s everything going? Good I hope. Things here are super. We think about you folks often and than you over and over for how you started Bodie. He is still the love of our life. He is 1yr 3 moss now and still is the best boy. He is starting to mellow a bit and is so affectionate. He is still so much fun. He keeps me hopping every day. He has the run of the house even when no one is home and does wonderful. I also wanted to than you for allowing me to talk to possible buyers. I’ve made a lot of telephone friends and hopefully get more people to be able to enoy these beautiful cats. Speaking of buyers, I hope you received a deposit from Lorena and also Lynn.
Thanks again, Judy4thorse@gmail.com
Jan 2013

Hi John and Theresa,
It’s Judy LaFlure. Off and on I check your web site to keep up with what’s new at the Babb house. I was shocked to see that you lost your beloved Nala. I’m soooo sorry. It sure isn’t easy. Even though there are so many of them, each one is so very special. About a month ago we lost our rottie of bone cancer. He was only 7. A month before that we lost our 9 year old hound. We just got a Black Russian Terrier who is 4 mos. old. He is now Bodie’s best friend. They play fetch together and chase the same ball. They are so cute to watch. I hope you now have a growing new family of breeder cats to keep those cute serval kittens coming. Once more people find out how wonderful these cats are, the whole world will have to have one. Oh ya, I spoke to a guy from Saudi Arabia about your cats and he wanted to know if you shipped there. I told him to get in touch with you.
Best of luck, take care. Bodie says hi! Judy
Feb 2013

Hi John,
It,s Judy LaFlure here. I just wanted to touch base with you. Hope all is well with everyone there. I wanted to tell you again just how thankful I am to have gotten  my Bodie  cat from you. He is the love of my life and every day I find myself staring at him for minutes at a time and realizing he is actually mine. I couldn,t have gotten a better cat anywhere. Here he is at over a year and a half already and he is turning out to be a very well behaved  little man. Did I say little?  He is 35 pounds now and still a gentle giant. I can,t seem to keep my hands off of him. All I want to do is hug and cuddle him. He is such a big mush.
I have to tell you a cute story.   Back in Nov. we had a feral grey cat hanging around our barn actually he had been hanging around since Aug.  and in Nov. decided he wanted to get friendly and wanted to come in the house. We let him in and suddenly he was Mr. congeniality. He acted as though he lived here all of his one year of life. He gets along with all of the other cats and even our new 85lb. Black Russin puppy. Did I say he is only 9lbs. He has taken over as king of the house and keeps everyone in there place. He decided he needed to let Bodie know that he is boss.. When he first came in he went after Bodie and bit him in the but.  now my 35lb. Bodie  salutes the 9lber and gives hin a wide birth.everywhere he goes..
Thanks again for a wonderful cat Judy
June 2013

Hi John,
Hope all is well with you folks. Spencer and I are doing well. Wanted to thank you again for allowing me to talk to people who are thinking about getting one of your cats. I,ve made a lot of telephone friends all of them with the same interest in common. The other day I talked to  Lorena who couldn,t stand the wait for her new baby to arrive. One of the most frequent questions people ask me about owning a serval is  DO THEY STILL USE THE LITTER BOX AS THEY GET OLDER.  My answer is YES . Sure  he has a few mistakes now and again, but not very often and it,s because of something that happened with him and the other 5 cats we have  The other house cats have mistakes also, but we always fix them and everything goes back to normal.
I have to tell you though that we have friends  out west who own a big cat rescue. They have servals  and one of them is pregnant. First thing they asked us is would we take one of them. Right away we said NO. When we get another( after our population of cats goes down a bit) we would  rather spend the money and get one of your cats, because we feel no one could do as good a job at starting them off right being social house cats as you have done. I,m still amazed as to how well my Bodie is doing as a house cat and a perfect gentleman. Our hat,s off to you! 
Thanks again Judy LaFlure and Bodie
July 2013

Just below is a very special message that we received from one of our serval families…
Please take a moment to share the joy these animals can add to your life..

Hello John
I do hope this email finds you well and happy.
I also hope that after a minute or two you will remember me, I was the luckiest person on earth when you sent me Kona.  He is almost two years old now and is every bit the gentleman.  My entire family has enjoyed everyday Kona has been with us.  He has been such an important part of my family’s life, and I hope this story will give you and your clients some comfort as to the incredible bond that a serval forms with their “humans”.
As you know from prior correspondence, my elderly mother who was afflicted with Alzheimer’s lived with me.  Kona sure formed a wonderful bond with her.  Even though my mom did not remember him from day to day, it was wonderful to hear her ooh and awh every day at what a beautiful cat he is when she saw him.  To this day I do not know why he wanted to spend so much time with my mom as he would never play hard or run around her even though he loves to play, he just wanted to sit beside her for hours on end.  Well my mom passed away last week at home which was her wishes.  She did not want to pass away in a hospital, but rather at home surrounded by all those who loved her and this included Kona.  He was so aware that her health was failing these past few weeks.  He was incredibly affectionate and would just curl up on the bed beside her.  I am sure he sensed the somber mood of the rest of my family as well, I could tell by the way he looked at me and gave extra headbutts with his gentle sounds that he knew what the rest of us did. 
Now that she is with our Lord, Kona still goes to her room on a daily basis as was his routine.  She is not there and he is more than a bit upset about it.   He “wows” and actively looks for her. He is grieving along with us all.  I know he misses his “grandma
;We had a mom, who to the end, much kindness showed to all, and though she’s gone still linger on the last words I recall
Through the years, and through the tears, love always saw me through, I hope and pray that everyday, love will touch you too
And with these words of wisdom, her light no longer shone, and in the closing of an eyelid, her gentle soul was gone
Our Kona has always been around family, never been left alone and always treated with gentle hugs and so much love but I have to say that he has, without a doubt, treated us all that way too!
Thank you John, Kona will always be the joy in my life.  God bless you.
Sincerely, Christine


He is doing wonderful!!! Getting along great with my other pets…even the Pekingese and the Chihuahua!! He is so smart and alert! We are narrowed down to two names…Kijani, which means warrior in African…and Kamau, which means quiet warrior. Here are some pictures of him on the ride home…and the days that followed…..he came off the plane as calm and loving as could be! He thinks one of the sinks in our master bath is his own jacuzzi!!!! LOL..and he sees himself in the mirror and is adorable! It was certainly worth the wait to get one of your kittens!!,
I will keep you posted!!!! Lori
Hi John,
I’m just updating you on our kitten. We have chosen Kovu for his name. He is growing like a weed! And soooo lovable, of course on his own terms, but sometimes I lay down on whatever bed he chose for the night and he will stay and snuggle all night long! He is very smart; has learned how to open door by himself, as our home has the fancy door handles instead of round. He jumps up…hangs on till it opens!
For anyone contemplating to purchase a kitten from John, I can’t say enough about how honest and accommodating John was through the entire transaction. Waiting for Kovu was worth it! Anytime I have a question and e-mail John, I have an answer that very same day! So you will not have a new kitten, have any questions and NOT have them answered ASAP by John.
John, I will keep you posted with new pictures of Kovu. Oh, I have 5 other cats, a Chihuahua and a Pekingese… for those of you wondering if a Serval will get along with other animals. After about a week, they are all running around together, playing. and it’s especially great and funny to watch Kovu chase the dogs, and then the dogs chase him….they play for hours and you can sit and just watch for hours…its amazing!!
Thank you so very much John! Lori A.

Hi John,
Wanted to give you an update on Kovu..He is HUGE!!!!    And only 5 months old! He is so lovable…comes up to you and headbutts to get affection..of course…on his own terms……sending some new pictures. He is so lovable, Check out him kissing and licking Domenic……..hope all is well…..lori

Hi John,
Love your new web site..and was SO happy to see the photos of Kovu in your slide show…..Wanted to send you some new photo’s..he is 10 months old now…and HUGE! But such a KITTY!!!   Lauren calls him “Big Kitty”! he is the center of attention. Who-ever comes to the house is just in awe of him…and he is timid! Runs and hides…then comes out (curiosity) and let’s everyone pet him…….he is enfatuated with the freezer ice maker…figured out how to push the bar himself to get his OWN ice!!!  lol…I take him for walks…he loves to sniff and investigate everything he sees move.
John,he is absolutely gorgeous. See for yourself! Lori

Hi John,
How does one EVER thank someone enough for bringing this amazing kitty into our family!!!!! Lori


Hi John,
We had a great day on kovu’s birthday,March 28th!  Wanted to send you some pictures.He had a nice giant shrimp birthday cake,and he got a new turquoise and silver collar….he even shared some of his shrimp with his brother Kito,our f3 Savannah.
Hope all is well with you!  I have ONE question…..is Kovu DONE growing!!!!  LOL.He is big and STRONG! But a big baby….when I take him out,he draws a crowd wherever we go. Everyone wants to pat him. He is great with people.
He follows me around all day…especially when I’m cooking in the kitchen..he’s like a puppy!!! I just love him to death!!!
Keep well!! Lori

Kuvo turns TWO!

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!I just got home with my new baby!!! He’s absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t be more pleased! He is soooo sweet and I love to hear him chirping! I think he is going to adjust fine…he’s very playful, and I have a pair of furry house shoes that he has adopted and carries around like he has made a huge kill! it’s hilarious. I would definitely refer you. I just can’t believe how tame, sweet, funny and happy he already is! Thank you so much!
Kerry and Chris
John, We have had Sebeka four weeks today and I can NOT thank you enough for bringing this MAGNIFICENT cat into my life!!!!! Sebeka and my “Fat Cat” are the best of friends. They sleep in bed with me and my husband every night. Sebeka loves to play ‘attack kitty’ at 2 a.m. in the morning. She is so spoiled and gets jumbo raw shrimp, raw chicken liver/gizzards and her ZuPreen. She is getting so big!!! Check out her video at: YouTube search: African Serval Sebeka. She climbs up my body to eat her dinner. I just ordered her a custom outdoor cat enclosure with a tube/shoot that connects to a window frame. The cats will have access to go inside and out. It will be serval proof too. Thanks for EVERYTHING! I would definitely recommend you as an A-Plus breeder. We could NOT be happier!
Kerry and Chris
Sebeka is doing WONDERFUL!!!!!! She adores all of us and is so loving and friendly. She gets along with our cats, Dobermanns and other pets. She loves raw shrimp and will eat it as a treat only. She also inhales her Zupreen-she is growing fast! She has had ZERO accidents. I think my other cats have taught her to use the little box. As I am typing this-she is rubbing up against my arm. TOO CUTE!!!!!! I have a vet app’t to get her microchipped and then in 3 weeks she will get vaccinated, spayed and declawed. She is the GREATEST cat ever!!!!! You have done an extraordinary job raising her. Thanks so much!!!! Kerry and Chris
Check out the videos of Sebeka on www.YouTube.com under African Serval Sebeka. One is showing Sebeka eating a jumbo shrimp and the other is Sebeka climbing up my body to eat. We LOVE her so much!!!!!!!!!!
Kerry and Chris
**View these You Tube Clips**

t has been an unbelievable experience owning my new cat, “Joey.” I love him so much! He is absolutely spoiled and has the rule of the entire house. It’s hard to find such an animal with a demeanor like his; loving, gentle, playful, and sweet. He gets along great with my other animals and it’s hilarious watching him with the ones that don’t like him too much, because he just looks at them like they’re stupid! He follows me everywhere, and sleeps in my bed with us. The easiest part was doing business with John. I guess we worked together for about a year and the wait was definitely worth and I can’t wait to get another one. I would love to talk with anyone who’s considering doing business with Valley Stables and Exotic Livestock. John was very fast with replies, and extremely nice on the phone and in e-mail. I would tell anybody considering to work with John, that the whole experience was very professional and friendly at the same time! Thank you, John, so much.

Hello John
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! The kitten is gorgeous! He is so affectionate and ate a good meal as soon as we got him home. I really can’t thank you enough, he is so stunning! Please know he is already loved so much. I will send pics of him when he is older if you like. I am overwhelmed, there simply is no words strong enough to tell you how happy you have made my son and I.
May God richly bless you!
Warmest Regards

ABSOLUTELY use me as a reference. I would be so pleased if I could help in any way. Use both my phone numbers – Home 604-472-0176 and cell 604-729-7058.
I would certainly ease any concerns international buyers may have.Your customs paperwork was EXCELLENT and flawless, we had no delays or any problems whatsoever at “Canada Customs and Border Agency”, Kona (that is what we named him) was happy and healthy and lovable as soon as he came out of his crate. You prepared him so well and in comfort for the long flight. You certainly raise your animals to be extremely social, he jumps right into our arms for some loving! Your service is SECOND TO NONE!!! Kona is the most welcome addition to our small family and will give us much joy for many years to come.
I still can’t thank you enough.It must be a lot of work and time consuming to breed such wonderful exotic animals, but know your work is rewarding. We are the happiest people in all of Canada!
With sincere appreciation,
Hi John
I hope you and all your wonderful animals are doing good. We have had Kona for a few months now and he is the best pet we have EVER had. He is so gentle and loving and such a clean cat. He is simply beautiful inside and out. We have so much fun with him and he has completely bonded to my son, they are inseparable. Kona has made himself quite at home here, his favorite place is sleeping on the leather couch which is the picture I am sending you (my flash was a bit too bright). Servals sure are magnificent animals, one of God’s finest creations. He has a good appetite and I was able to get the Zupreem Feline diet shipped up here, we also feed him various meats which he loves too. He is so happy and healthy and a VERY special member of our family. My mother lives with me and has Alzheimer’s so every time she sees Kona it is like she is seeing him for the first time and it brightens her whole day, again and again. Kona has been very therapeutic for her as he is so gentle and social and she just loves cats so much. It does my heart good to see her face light up when she sees him and he comes to her like he knows she needs to pet him. I wish I could put it into words better.
I have received quite a few phone calls for reference and I just love bragging about our beautiful Serval. Again, I want to thank you. Kona brings true joy into our lives every day!
Email: christineakemp@hotmail.com

Hello John
I hope you remember me, I bought Kona, male serval from you over a year ago now. I just wanted to give you an update. He is still THE best pet I have ever had. He has grown into such a beautiful cat and has the mellowest temperment. He is sweet and loving and I get affectionate head butts from him everyday! He is so healthy and happy and still brings us so much joy. I am attaching a picture for you.
Thank you again for this wonderful cat.
Best regards,


Don’t mess with my baby

An endorsement of my Serval cats from Bob “THE BEAST” Sapp, professional fighter and actor starring in such films as the new remake of “THE LONGEST YARD” and “ELEKTRA”!!!

Dear Sir,
I bought my Serval cat, Trinity, from John K. Babb and I can tell you that I am more than happy with her! Japan has also taken to “Trinity”, my Serval that I got from John. She is of a great temperament and gets along great with everyone around me! I am sure that when you purchase a Serval from John, you are getting a friend, not just a pet!

Hi John,
Just a quick note to let you know my kitty is doing very well.. she is very happy here and getting along with everybody famously.
I was curious how long your waiting list is for a male at this time?
Sincerely Mike

Hi John,
Just a quick note to let you know my kitty is doing very well.. she is very happy here and getting along with everybody famously.
I was curious how long your waiting list is for a male at this time?
Sincerely Mike

Hello John
WELL picked The Babi up at Airport Here in Texas, at noon!! WOW HE is Amazing, I am SO Impressed
I Am Amazed at his temperment and His Character He is Special I think Hand picked Just For Us His Features
His Manner Everything He made himself comfortable in the car on the hour & 1/2 Drive Home He owned it before Long!! lol I am SO SO pleased That Breeders Like YOU John, Take Pride in thier Pets and how they are Taken care of !! and where THey are Placed!!! YOU CARE and that is nothing but a Plus ! YOU are a delight to conversate with and just in the few times we have talked , i know YOU care !! I will definetly keep in touch and keep sending you updates on this Amazing Creature!! when we got him Home He was introduced to the tiny tiny poodles that are now his brother and sister lol !! and his new cat sister hahahha well this 7 week old kitten is bigger then my poodles which weigh 2lbs and 2.5lbs and nothing but playing and exploring !! Here are the pictures of him on the way home so YOU Can see How He already he is relaxed and made himself at Home!! already giving kisses to! lol If You Need me for Anything, I mean anything reference, let me know i Am Here and i also will let You know Soon On our Female !!!!
Havent found a name for him yet ,But we Know it has to be Special !!!
Take care and God Bless You with lots more Blessings John… Keep in touch
but i will send More Pics Soon
Your friend Sylvia
Hello John
Hope everything is well !!!! The babie is doing so well he has not messed up once. He goes in the litter box and so far everyone that has seen him has falenl in LOVE with him !!!! and I will send more pictures soon.
Thanks John.

Hey John, How Are You how time flys its almost been two months he is doing really good growing fast i didnt think i would notice him growing since he lives here!!! BUT WE CAN TELL Haha lol He is a SWeatheart @!!!! We tell him to kiss kiss and he gives a kiss quick kissy my daughter taught Him that !!! He lives in his own bedroom for now in and out of closet all we do is shut the door and he stays well We have to keep it locked he knows how to get out of closet and bedroom if we dont lock the bedroom door the closet door stays open for him !!! he has his time outside when we are out there with him we have a part of the acrage fenced off so we let him roam while we are there !!!! and the last trick I taught him when I let him out to roam the house it usually in the mid mornings and late evenings he is in bed right now so about 8 pm and he comes to me when i whistle so when i whistle he knows its me when i am done outside watering the plants or just time to come in he is not Stupid he is like where you going im coming in with You when it is to Hot hahahah its Funny because he is like looking for the door i kid around with the husband and kids and say Well darn it he is from Africa but whats funny is that even he knows what central air Is lol and the way he is fisty when he wants to run and play !!!! he is wonderful I will send pictures of him outside Soon
Thanks John keep doing what you do !!!!
Talk to You soon
Hello , John How Are You hope everything is well !! i e-mailed you few days ago and as i promised here are a few pictures i came up with a name finally that fits this Kat not cat lol with such a biG personality instead of king diamond i figured i would mispell it kinda
crazy @!!!lol let me know what you think lol anyways he is 3 months old know and growing
and likes to play alot !!!! sliding off the dining room table playing with pups i have been trying to take picture with puppies and the kat but that is hard to do they dont stand still
not long enough for me to get a good picture !!! well ill get the picture i will send it on one
Hope u like the pictures i am still debating on putting my name on the list for a female i will definetly let you know !!!!
Take care john i will send more pictures when he gets bigger
Your friend and very satisfied costumer

Hi John-
I emailed Christine from Canada to see what its like to own one of these beautiful cats and get any advice, and she was extremely helpful and could not stop singing your praises about what a wonderful cat she got from you. Obviously a very happy customer! Told me a lot about owning a serval and about the person I was buying her from! =)
Thank you,

Hey John! Just wanted to tell you “Zuko” is growing like a weed-he is 11 weeks old now. What a wonderful and loving cat! I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience from start to finish. You were very professional and courteous every time I spoke with you on the phone and in emails, even if it was the dumbest question ever-LOL! I appreciate that you took the time to explain everything in detail on what to feed him, vaccinations, and just everyday care. You truly have a passion for these animals and it was evident when I received Zuko. He was very loving and affectionate right out of his carrier at the airport. I could never say enough about how much I appreciate the time and effort that you and your wife put into my serval to make him a wonderful addition to my home and my family. Thanks again and I will keep in touch to keep you posted on Zuko!
If you need a reference, I will be more than happy to provide one for you!
Thanks so much-Karen

Hi John! How are you? Just wanted to send you some new pictures of Zuko. He is now 8 months old and weighs 25 pounds. He has definetely claimed me as his number one, but my 2 y/o daughter runs a close second. I want to thank-you again for such an awesome cat. He seems to love banana’s, tomatoes, and apples. If they are left out in the kitchen he will eat them all. Haha! He is a great addition to the family and husband permitting, I will be back for another. Thanks again John!

Hey John! This is Zuko at 11 months with my almost 5 year old son!

I have officially trained Zuko to do dog tricks. He plays fetch with a full size tennis ball and brings it back–he even drops it for me to throw it again! You not only breed beautiful Servals, but they are smart too! lol

Hi John… he ate up dinner 🙂
We took some really cute pictures of Zeus the night he came home. I will send you more soon and keep you up to date on how he’s doing in the next few days.

Hi John,
Just a quick update on our little boy. He is the happiest, smartest, most snuggling kitten I have had the pleasure to meet! He sleeps on my head everynight and wakes me up (very) early by gently biting my nose. LOL
Here are my most recent pics. of the little bugger.
Stay well!

Hi John – thought it was time for a Zeus update. He’s 4 months old now and doing great! We just love him to pieces… here are a few recent pics. I took this morning while he kept me company while cleaning the bathroom. He honestly doesn’t even like me out of his sight. lol

Hi John,
May have already sent these or forgotten… not sure? This is Zeus at 5 months. We adore him! He head butts and chirps. He makes me so happy! Zeus Rocks! 🙂
New Zeus Pics

Zeus is growing up…so he has his chores. He now “helps” with the dishes!

Zeus was considering “Florist” as a career…we think NOT!

Hi John… thought I’d send along a few new Zeus pictures. He is getting huge, as you can see. Do they really get to 40lbs? I honestly can’t imagine him getting any bigger! I’ll need a bigger house… <3 We adopted a kitten for him to eat… kidding… play with and they are becoming the best of buddies. Aniken (kitten) is about the size of one of Zeus’s ears, but he is gentle with him and they have a great time. Will get you pictures of the two of them playing.

Sent u a pic of Zeus he is so big. He is trying to sleep on the couch with my 3 yr old. Haha he is to big. What a funny guy!!!
Thanks we all LOVE the baby Zeus u have us he keeps me so happy when I’m home on chemo days. Love him!!

Hi John
We got our little guy yesterday morning and are just AMAZED with how wonderful, loving, and fun he is. He came out of the crate straight into our laps and started purring and head butting. Thank you for all of the knowledge you have shared with us, from initial contact to now. We sure do love our little guy and we have you to thank with that. He’s getting along FAMOUSLY with our little girl and with our doggie Bailey. Again thank you so so much, we are proud to give him the name of Aro. Here are a couple pics of him with the family, looking just GORGEOUS.
Miles and Nicole

Hi John!
They seem to be settling in quite well! We are all TOTALLY in love. Even when I brought them to the vet yesterday everyone stopped working for what seemed like an hour and played with them LOL. They appear to be quite healthy, but a little jet-legged. He is a little monkey, but he doesn’t appear to have ANY idea of where ANY of his four legs are at any given time! LOL
Question- After you have given them their ‘discs’ of food (Nylah still doesn’t eat a whole one…just settling in I am presuming) How long do you generally leave it out for them afterwards?
Well John, they are getting along great with each other and with everyone that they come in contact with. Bruno has fallen absolutely in love with Nylah I believe…he always loves the girls best LOL and spends every moment that he can spare in the enclosure with them, it is really very cute.
Ensure your wife that they are doing wonderfully and I have sent along some pictures that I took this morning of the cutie patooties
Thanks again for everything John and as always I look forward to hearing from you!!
Cheers, Carley

Hi John! Nylah and Zazu are doing wonderfully!! I really didn’t think that I could fall so in love so fast :o) They are still in their enclosure as there is a little too much excitement in my home these days, but it is nothing for us to sit in there and play with them for hours a day LOL. Thanks again SO MUCH for making every effort to get these beautiful babies to us. Thank you as well for the on-going support that you are giving us and all of the sound advice and knowledge that you share whenever I need it! It has been a wonderful experience dealing with you and we feel blessed to have made these kitties memebers of our family!! Many thanks and Happy Holidays to you and your family-all the four- legged members too!
Cheers, Carley Canada

The rare Felis Rivenicus and the servals (Nylah Zazu) observing each other

Nylah and Zazu…growing up gorgeous!

Zander loves the kitty kitties…Nylah and Zazu!

The baby is awesome, you and your wife were very nice, thank you. He is has been with us all weekend and loves attention and seems to enjoy car rides.
The other cats seem to be accepting him. There was a lot of hissing and spitting but today they are sniffing each other and some playful interest in the new one. That little cat is so sweet and cuddely. Thank you so so much.
You and your wife made our Christmas.
Karen and Matt

Hi John,
Just sending you an update on our recent acquisition. We named our Serval Cheekah. He is almost 6 months old and weights 16.3 lbs. He is extremely active and very playful.
He is 100% litter trained. He now plays fetch just like a dog. We take him for car rides and walks outside when it is warm. The snow is almost gone here and he is now showing lots of interest in going outside. We was neutered and had his front paws declawed when he was 41/2 months old. The surgery went very well. He is very affectionate with me and my wife but makes strange with other people. Our two boys are coming home for the summer and we hope he will adapt to them. The scent of fresh oranges makes Cheekah behave in a strange manner. He rubs his head and neck all over your hands and arms once we have eaten an orange. Maybe you can explain. Also we want to train Cheekah to walk properly on a leash. Are there any tricks to this? We have no regrets with Cheekah and are extremely pleased with our new pet. Thanks for all your support to date.

Hi John,
Just an update on the serval we acquired from you back in Dec. 2010. We love our serval and he is extremely affectionate with me and my wife. He has the run of the house when we are home and enjoys his outdoor pen. We live on the lake and he likes to play in the water. I bring him fishing and he eats my minnows. He has acquired the taste for fresh fish. I have recently got myself a husky puppy and they both get along just great.
Thanks for introducing “cheekah” into our lives……….Gaetan :o)
Enjoy the video…If it’s fish…does that mean it’s Friday???
June 2012

My name is Patty Whitacre and I purchased our baby girl Serval “Pebbles” from John K Babb at: Valley Stables and Exotics located at: 4421 Copper Creek Road Berea, Ky. 40403. John is a U.S.D.A.- Breeder and Licensed. Also holds a U.S.D.I.- U.S. Fish & Wildlife- Import/Export- License and is an active member of the Feline Conservation Federation, (FCF). John breeds the African Serval Cat and many other exotic animals. Pebbles has been such a joy to our family and we owe it all to John and his wife Teresa. Both have been super informative and very professional with any questions we have had. I can say without a doubt that if you are in the market for a Serval…Valley Stables and Exotics is where you want to go. Pebbles came to us healthy, happy and litter trained!!!!! And, when we picked Pebbles up John and Teresa took their time educating us on many aspects of care. Both were class A people and I will definitely do business with Valley Stables and Exotics again!
A VERY happy customer,
Patty Whitacre 🙂

This is Patty….all supplies came in and Pebbles is doing great. She is sooo sweet and loving. Has already fell into a routine and sleeps all through the night from about 8pm to 8 am….I have to wake her up for feedings!!!!!!! She gobbles it down then passes out again. No diarrhea or any problems at all. She got her first bath when I spoke to you that day and she did really good. She loves the water. Pebbles keeps trying to get in the pool. I have to keep all the doors shut until she gets older. If I am taking a shower or bath she is trying to get in. All she is getting is the milk matrix. No water. When does the water start??? When she starts to eat????? I am still going to mix the milk in for awhile with her food…when she starts eating that is which will not be long it seems. She loves bread and butter. She is also litter trained. She has been sooo good. What a wonderful addition she has been. I ended up getting severe infected sinuses and Pebbles has made me feel so much better when she snuggles. Heard from Chris and he is doing a little better over there (Iraq). His kids are missing him greatly though. My daughter had to be rushed into surgery to have a C-section after 12 hours of labor…both mom and baby boy are doing good. Anyway, John, thank you again for Pebbles….also give Theresa a big hug and kiss from me and tell her I was thinking of her and how great it was she drove Pebbles to us. By the way, I put you copy of the paper work in the mail today.
Take care, Patty :-))))
Hi John,
Pebbles is doing great. Eating Zupreem like its a Zebra along with milk matrix. She no longer wants the bottle at all and even pushes it away!!!!! I sent a bunch of pictures to you via cell phone…hope you got them all. Litter trained like a pro!!!!!!
Patty :-))
Hi John,
Just wanted to give you an update on Pebbles….she is sooooo beautiful and loving…we are so lucky to have her….she has grown so much and sooooo personable…I will send updated pictures via my phone….thanks again John.

Wow! He is absolutely wonderful!!
First night.. He spent the night in bathroom attached in my bedroom. Last night- I gave in and opened his space for night time to bathroom/ bedroom. He slept cuddling close all night =-). This morning, my alarm sounded, and he approached on my chest- both paws on my cheeks LICKING my face ALL over!!! ( like a puppy). What a wonderful thing to wake up to!!
I am falling in love with him already. And, I must say- I think the feelings are mutual 😉
I have decided to call him “Ollie”.  Suits him, his sweetness. He doesn’t need a kings name!
I will keep you posted with months to come! Thank you for the sweet boy!
– Andrea -n- Ollie

Ollie is a beautiful boy! Inside and out!  Taking lots of pictures, must post on your site- time is of the essence as you said with taking photos. He is growing over night sometimes! 
Ollie loves to play fetch. Play with our Bengal, and put his answering machine on when I call him!!
He really is an incredible boy!

Here is my Ollie at 11 months.  Loves riding in my truck!!
-Andrea n’ Ollie






Home safe and sound 🙂
I meant to email you earlier when I go home but I was so busy spoiling him I forgot!
My poor baby ( the kitten ) was delayed cuz a man on the flight was acting suspicious and causing drama on the plane. So instead of arriving at 10:18am he got in at 12:10… Long flight for that little guy. We put him in the car and he was crying so I opened the cage and he immediately jumped in my lap, loving me all over….. I expected he’d be timid for a while but it’s like we had an instant bond and connection 🙂 we pulled over and gave him a full can of tuna to hold him over till we got home… That was gone in 3.1 mins lol. I put him back in the crate and he was not happy, so I opened the crate and he crawled into my lap and slept so soundly I was wondering if he was ok… He was sleeping for 2 hours in my arms like a baby …. Again I was not expecting to have such a sweet little kitty steal my heart so quick. After his nap he almost seemed to grab my face a kiss me and serval head butt me for a good 10 mins. After we got home we introduced him to the boys and he was ready to play…. If I left the room, he followed and getting in the shower was not going to stop him. He followed me into the water and demanded I pick him up. Anyway the purpose of this email was not to just inform you if his eventful day, it was to thank you for a wonderful cat! Wonderful pet ! And very loyal companion… Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you 🙂
~ Melissa R ~
To which John replied…
I’m so glad you are happy!!! He is a very sweet boy. Not to “toot my own horn” but there is a reason I have in business so long and it has to do with knowing how to socialize servals to people!!! LOL LOL
Melissa came back with…
Toot your own horn ! With due right 🙂 I contacted other breeders before you with cheaper prices, but I’m soooooo glad I went with you.
~ Melissa R ~
Then Melissa wrote back..
I may just be a returning customer in a year or so 🙂
~ Melissa R ~
Ok, I don’t get it…. He’s completely the opposite of what I have read!!!! One lady stated she bought a 6 week old serval and she thought it hated her cuz she could not pick it up, let alone pet it. The boy you sent me, we named Chico, is super dependent and gets really upset if he’s left alone at all. Loves loves loves the whole family, especially my kids ! He thinks he’s domestic :)… I think lol
I’m so impressed, at what you have accomplished with the socializing of a “wild animal”…… So much for being wild.
Only 3 litter box accidents, I think that’s great considering the transition.
~ Melissa R ~

These are way over due, but here are some pictures of Xavier. He’s about double the size now, and is the love our my girlfriend and my life. I can’t express how happy we are now that’s he’s a part of the family.

Hey John,
Just wanted to follow up and say thank you for giving us Xavier Back in late May last year. He’s the most amazing companion my girlfriend and I could ask for.
I hope all is doing well in your business, and here are some updated picks of Xavier (saw you put the one of him on the yellow couch up on your website)
Take care -Brandon
July 2012

Hi John, we have had our little girl serval for almost a month now. Let me tell you from the moment we first saw her we knew we had something totally unique and wonderful. I know there are many breeders to buy from and I am glad we decided to buy from you! your kittens are top notch when it comes to being socialized! I have 2 dogs, one small (cairn terrier) and one bigger (english bull terrier)
and Aria our serval has instantly clicked as family! not to mention Aria is excellent around my 6 yr old neice and older nephews. Everywhere we take her she steals the show! we could not be happier and I can’t praise you enough for your outstanding attention to detail with your animals! I hope you forward this to other potential customers. tell them to look no more, you have found what you are looking for. it was worth the wait, and we certainly got more than we paid for. I will be posting video of our new family member on youtube under my channel name “TheMopedTed” and if you are interested I would be happy to talk to any of your potential customers to give a customers point of view what kind of breeder you are.
best wishes and talk to you soon
Ted & Dawn

to John Babb,
This cat is great he acts more a dog than a cat, when i get home he is at the door with the bangel cat he follows me every where. i drive to the store with him in the back seat and he sits the like a passanger doesnt even bother me when im driving , he goes to sleep when every on e else is asleep. i love this cat
Ray A

Going great! I found out that she’ll eat the zupreem if I mix some maple honey turkey breast in with it… she ate turkey today for the first time and then the zupreem mix for dinner.
she never did like the milk replacement/zupreem mixture. so i’m still supplementing her diet with the formula and will for about a week or so more.
she’s making friends with my other two domestics but not totally kosher with them yet… and it’s the domestics that are the culprits. they wonder what this big thing is doing jumping on them… lol… it’s been fun to say the least. friday i’m taking her to see the vet, just for a visit and to convince the vet that i need her declawed.
i told you the story when i was there… i have a couple pics that i’ve attached…
JOSEY WALES is awesome! I’m so happy to add her to my family and she’s taken to me quickly! One of the best decisions I’ve made in getting her! Very loving and playful!
thanks john, the KMR arrived today. i found some at the local tractor supply (powder) so i was able to find it on my way home! thanks again for all the help and assistance!

Here’s Tina’s new little girl kitty with her friend Jake.
Cute huh?

Kika Arrives….

Thanks again,everything went fine. I took Kika out of the carrier on the drive home and gave her some food.
When I got home Kika got comfortable instantly. Dustin

Kika Update…

Hi John,I just wanted to give you a update on Kika.I took a stool sample in yesterday and I got the news today that Kika is in good health.After traveling in that carrier for 8 plus hours I was worried that she might be traumatized,boy was I wrong.Kika is flourishing in her new home and takes to new people without any problems. Every night so far she has slept by my side and jumps off my bed to use the litter box.When I got home I put Kika in my bathroom where she sniffed around and in a few minutes she wanted to explore the rest of my room.she now runs around without a worry and flies off the bed in a deep sleep when I say food.Kika is so smart and picks up things very quick,its mind boggling. Dustin

Well what can I say,Kika is still doing great and growing up so fast.I’ve been weighing her every week now and she puts on about a pound a week.She is 6lbs now and no’s when its time to eat.Kika sits and waits on one of her cat trees,which is in view of my door.Sometimes she thinks I’m letting her out to run the rest of the house but,I only have too say FOOD and she will come right back into my room.The other day I took Kika for a walk at the local park which has a pond filled with ducks.It was really funny when she headed toward the water because,as she walked along side the pond,all the ducks followed her all around.With all the noises going on and distractions,Kika was not fazed at all and kept on with her investigating.Kika is so comfortable in my room,some days when I come home she will be sleeping outside in the outdoor en-closer,my bed,cat Carrier,bathroom floor and or cat tree.Kika is also great when she eats her food,she doesn’t get possessive over it.When the food gets stuck in the corners of the dish,I stick my fingers in their to move the food to the center.She has never once hissed at me or try to bite me when doing that.

Got too close to the edge of the pool today….Dustin

The other day,I had my neighbor’s grandson come over to play with Kika. She did great with him and it was the first time she was around a child. Kika is growing up fast and now she is 18 weeks old and 11lbs.

Kika is still doing very well and to this day, I haven’t been away from her for more than 8 hours in a day. We have a true bond now because of all the time I spend with her. Kika is now a little over 6 1/2 months old and weigh 15 lbs.
Thanks again for a great cat JOHN!!!!
May 2012

Can’t believe Kika is 10 months old now.She is just over 19lbs and 18in tall at the hip.
August 2012

I can’t believe Kika is now a year old. Time sure does fly by! She is my best friend in life and will always till we grow old together. Thanks again John for Kika, she’s such an amazing cat.

Oct 2012

Kika August 2013

Good Morning John,
Just wanted to let you know the Kitten is doing great, she ate last night and this morning as well, she hasn’t gone to the bathroom yet, I checked everywhere around her safe room and didn’t notice any accidents but she hasn’t used the box either, I will keep track of it…. we absolutely love her, she is very energetic, funny, she loves to cuddle and is very verbal as well, love her chirping.
We haven’t named her yet, my son is coming home this weekend so we are going to name her together.
I’m so happy with my Lil Girl, she’s absolutely beautiful, healthy and soooo sweet.
I can’t thank you enough John, I’ve attached her first picture with us but will be sending you more, many many more LOL….
I appreciate all your help and can sincerely say you have exceeded all of my expectations as a breeder…. I can also tell you are passionate and extremely professional but beyond all I do appreciate your honesty. 🙂
I will keep you posted.

Hello John.
Hope all is well with you and your family, we are so happy with our baby girl “SAKURA” my son just came back from Japan so I knew for sure this poor kitty was going to be stuck with a Japanese name LOL ….
She’s doing very well, eating and using her litter as expected, she’s a “cuddle bunny” loves to have someone around at all times, she does much better with her food if we kinda stick around during feeding, we don’t get involved but we just sit on the bed and ignore her, as soon as we move she stops ( SPOILED ALREADY )……
We let her out of her safe room only while supervised and doing play time, she quite enjoys the freedom and runs up and down the whole house like there’s no end, so cute….
Everything is looking good and she’s much more than what we had expected…… it’s funny how she can act so much like a domestic Kitty cat and all of the sudden act so totally WILD…. the way she runs cracks me up ( SO GOOFY ).
Well, just wanted to keep you posted 🙂
Thanks a million again and will be in touch.

To: John Valley Stables Excotics
Subject: Baby is doing great!
I named the kitten “Eros.” God of fertility since he will be in my breeding program eventually. He is doing wonderful. You obviously loved him a lot. My Savannah cat took about 2 days to slow down so that I could even catch her when I first got her. I couldn’t even pick her up for 2 days. Eros is great. I’m following your directions and he is happy. He is very loving. Servals are supposed to be less tame than Savannahs and he was way more loving which really shows what a wonderful job you did, I can’t say enough. I will tell everyone about you.
In fact, I wanted to put a link to your website on my website so people could find you easier. I want to put a pedigree page where it will show a picture of Eros and if possible his family tree and if anyone clicks on the pictures of his parents or grandparents they would be directed to your website. I don’t know how far back you know his pedigree, even if we just had his parents, their names and a picture of them that would be a good start. What do you think?
Oh, and I believe you that he grows fast. I’m seriously going to take a picture of him every day. Who knows, maybe I will put it on one of those fast videos so you can watch him grow. That would be so cool. He is so beautiful. Thank you so much for the black nose!