Miniature Donkeys

The MINIATURE SICILIAN DONKEY is like no other equine. They are so very affectionate and truly bornEyore2 that way. The donkeys bred and raised here at Valley Exotics are all registered with the International Miniature Donkey Registry. The maximum height for a miniature donkey to be registered in the class A registry is 36″ at the withers. Our primary breeding jack, Eeyore, is 32″ at the withers. All of our jennets are less than 36″, with our tallest being 35″ and our smallest being 33″.

These are considered good sizes for the jennets. The jennet should be a little larger to help prevent birthing problems.

donkey_2The Sicilian Donkey, according to an article dated 1995, are on the USDA livestock conservancy list with the world’s population numbering less than 10,000. Don’t confuse the common donkey of small size with the Sicilian. These are two different breeds. There are many similarities however. The major difference in our experience is the natural friendly disposition of the Sicilian.

The Sicilian comes in many different colors but the main two are the silver colored ones commonly known as the “gray-dun” and the dark brown ones known as the “chocolates”. All Sicilians have the dorsal stripe with a dark cross strapped across their withers. This creates the cross shape design over their back which folklore tells us was put there to symbolize the Christ child being carried upon the donkey’s back.

John_Teresa_and_baby_donkeyDonkeys receive the same vaccination regimen used on horses. They are fed a fifteen percent protein sweet feed, one or two cups per day, when growing or pregnant. However, as with horses, an adult not being worked can do well on a good quality hay alone. I tend to spoil mine giving even the donkeys in this category a small amount of sweet feed as well. They certainly know when I have the feed and follow me around braying for some! My donkeys always bray the second I step out the door, sometimes to say they are hungry and other times just to say hello! These little guys are sincerely affectionate! My main breeding jack literally follows me around and flops my hand on his head, asking me to pet and scratch him! This is no exaggeration. There exists, to my knowledge, no other equine equal in affectionate disposition to the Miniature Sicilian Donkey!

Below, one of my jacks, Eeyore, at 32″

donkey_3As with any of the animals bred and sold here at our farm, we are here to answer any of the questions you may have concerning the care and feeding of the Miniature Sicilian Donkey. We don’t claim to know everything about any of the animals we breed and sell but we will do our best to answer any questions you may have. As with all animals, there are exceptions to any rule or guideline we try to use in relation to the care and breeding of these animals. In my opinion, anyone who thinks he/she knows everything about any animal is fooling themselves. The animals haven’t read the same books we have!

Generally speaking, the Miniature Sicilian Donkey is a wonderful pet, show animal, breeder, or even can be trained to work: pulling small one or two person carts as well as being the best darn pack animal to carry your tent and camping supplies when hiking etc. Keep in mind their weight limits when using them for work and they will eagerly follow you down a wooded trail. Packs and harness as well as halters made specifically for the mini. donkey are available through several different magazines. My favorite is the MINIATURE DONKEY TALK MAGAZINE.

donkey_4The prices on the donkeys we raise vary according to the specific animals conformation, height, color, pedigree, current market value, etc. When specific animals are for sale, a photo, description, and price will be included in this section. Currently, a ball park figure for pricing, for a gray-dun male weanling of average height and good conformation, would be priced approx. $500.00 but could go as high as $2,000.00 for exceptional height and conformation. An equivalent female would range in price from $1,000.00 to as much as $4,000.00. These are just estimates. Without an animal in front of you it is hard to set a price but this gives you an idea of the range in pricing.

Look for foals for sale soon. We are expecting several within the next few months. Please check back for current updates.

John_and_JackassFor a current listing of all animals we have for sale, please visit our Animals for Sale page.

NEW CHOCOLATE COLOR Jacks and Jennetts — very small!
Breeding for Chocolates with very small, exceptionally gentle, quality conformation, and registered with the I.M.D.R. (the International Miniature Donkey Registry).

*All Class “A” registered will be below 36″ tall at the withers.