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One Viewpoint

by John K. Babb There are a group of people that believe the keeping of wild animals as pets should be made illegal. This group also opposes the propagation of wildlife in the private sector. This is one viewpoint; but I hold another. Many people would rebuke this...

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Where did Shadow go?

by John K. Babb Her nicker had become a familiar and welcome sound each morning as she greeted me at feeding time. Her voice called out to me the second I stepped into the cool moist morning and began each day by feeding my animals. She was the first horse I had ever...

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by John K. Babb I have bred and raised pleasure Tennessee Walking Horses, Miniature Sicilian Donkeys. Pygmy Goats, Llamas, and African Serval Cats for about seven years now but just within the past year purchased my first Bennett's Wallaby....

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