Vega vs. Robot Cat

Serval at feeding time!

Serval vs. Remote Control Car

Serval playing with toys

Serval licks his lips

African Serval Playing Fetch

First Serval Kittens of 2013

African Serval Mufasa

Meeting Afghan Puppy

Serval Fishing-June11 2012

My Lil Serval CleoThor

First time outside

Serval Kittens July 2012

Cleo at 12 weeks Old

Serval “Sarabi” at 4 months

Serval Kitten 2012

Caracal Lynx Kitten and friends

Serval Kittens 1-18-12

Supper Time

Serval Kittens being bottle fed

Let us out!!!!!

We Wanna Climb You Mommy