Cat Habitat

At Valley Exotics, our cat habitats are all made of chain link enclosure with smooth river rock for the bottom surface, creating a natural and “giving” base that provides the cats an easy landing when jumping from their many resting perches. This also allows for a natural “filtering” system within an outside enclosure, with the rain washing away urine naturally. The rock is also sprayed with a safe disinfectant by using an attachment to a garden hose. Some grass is allowed to grow through the rock for the cats pleasure but this type of system is best resistant to fleas, ticks, etc. Feces is removed multiple times per day.


The size of the enclosure for each trio of breeders is 24’ X 56’ X 8’ tall. Resting perches 3 ft. X 2 ft. are placed at three feet off the ground and at six feet off the ground on six walls within each enclosure. Numerous toys are provided for the cats enrichment and pleasure both hanging and on the ground to carry around with them such as hard miniature squirrels, balls, and Nyla bones. Each cat has its own “nesting box” with a wind break in the opening designed so the cat enters the box then makes a turn around a wall back into their private “cave” area for plenty of privacy and birthing. The inside of the nesting boxes is lined with soft fresh orchard grass hay which they form into their own warm winter bed. In the summer small pools are placed within the enclosure for them to play in the water as well as adding a few minnows for them to play with. Heated water units are also provided in the winter months.